Dr. Jill’s Weekly Tips – Signs of Health and Beauty on your Face

Dr. Jill’s Weekly Tips – Signs of Health and Beauty on your Face

Signs of Health and Beauty on your Face

Health and beauty tend to go together.  So much of what our society deems as ‘beautiful’ comes from what are truly signs of health. Let me explain.  There are a million ways that problems show up on our skin.  We can get many clues to our health by looking at our faces.  

First and foremost, everyone wants a clear complexion.  Even slight changes in our complexion indicate what shape our health is in. “Congested” skin can come from chronic stress, hormonal changes, or just overall poor cleansing.  This can lead to acne.  

If you notice tiny itchy red bumps that are not acne, this could indicate a reaction to certain foods (such as gluten).  There are many allergic issues can lead to mild rashes on the skin.  Allergy, whether it be to the outside environment, products we use, or certain foods we eat can lead to itching, redness and inflammation. Pay attention to your how your skin reacts to things.  Tired looking eyes despite regular, restful and sufficient sleep could be a red flag for chronic allergy as well.  

Puffiness under the eyes will start to show up if we chronically do not sleep well.  Its typically caused by a bit of fluid retention which can be genetic but also could be caused by hormonal issues, too much salt, dehydration, or possibly sinus problems.  

We call the tiny little veins you see on our skin ‘thread veins’.  These start to show up from a chronic flushing of the skin, which can be caused from things like moderate drinking, stress, or too much caffeine. 

Dry flaky skin can be from a lack of hydration.  Seventy percent of our bodies are made up of water and our faces truly start to show the signs if we are chronically dehydrated. 

Even a mild discoloration of our complexion off our ‘normal’ tone can reveal illness. Paleness of the skin could reflect a sign of anemia.  A yellow tone can indicate liver disease.  A bluish tint on the lips could indicate heart or lung disease. 

Bottom line… pay attention to your health to prevent it from showing up on your face.  There are a myriad of products and procedures that can treat and fix these cosmetic issues.  If you pair it with paying attention to your health, your will maintain your health and beauty for years to come.

Until next time… have a great week!

Dr. Jill

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