After 20 years of searching for the best possible solution to fight the common signs of aging and acne breakouts, Dr. Austin decided to use what he knew worked and began constructing his Cane + Austin™ line with Glycolic Acid as the foundation. What Dr. Austin created were simple, at home Glycolic treatment pads using pure, natural, active and safe pharmaceutical grade ingredients – the most efficient way of delivering Glycolic Acid. Easy and effective, these daily pads delivered results rivaling invasive, expensive, in-office Glycolic peels and similar costly cosmetic procedures. And, these pads worked on everyone: men and women; all skin tones and types, providing all users with a therapeutic approach towards beautiful, healthy, clear skin. It was his vision to create Cane + Austin™ to give people something they would ordinarily only be able to find at a dermatologist’s office, something to fight the signs of aging and acne, and make it available and affordable for everyone.