Jane Iredale Lip Pencils Lip Definer

Jane Iredale Lip Pencils Lip Definer

Jane Iredale

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Jane Iredale Lip Definer Lip Pencils

Jane's Lip Pencils are created to be soft enough to fill in your lips easily but durable enough to provide a long-lasting base to the color you layer over them.

  • Because we use no FD&C dyes, our pencils can be used anywhere on the face
  • Their soft formula lends itself to blending and being used as a lip base
  • Made with conditioning oils and waxes and colored with our same protective pigments
  • Glide on smoothly and do not tug the delicate lip area


  • Looking for a perfect neutral? Pull down your lower lip, and there it is!

  • Apply a pencil base and layer with a PureGloss for Lips for a very current look.
  • Use our cosmetic pencil sharpener to maintain a rounded point. (Regular pencil sharpeners don't have a large enough opening and will split the wood.)

  • The only way to sanitize pencils is by sharpening.

    Jane Iredale Lip Pencils - Net Wt 1.1 grams/ 0.04 oz

    Keywords: Berry, cocoa, crimson, nude, nutmeg, peach, plum, rose, sienna, spice, terracotta, earth red

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