Yuva Vitae Skin Kit - Oily/Normal

Yuva Vitae Skin Kit - Oily/Normal


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Yuva Vitae Skin Kit - Oily/Normal

This kit includes:

  • Phase 1 Skin Purifying Cleanser (5 fl. oz.) - It is a mild cleanser specifically created for any skin type. It is necessary for the preparation of the skin to obtain a Ph = 3.5 in order to allow penetration of LAA vitamin C serum (the correct form of vitamin C, our new patented vit C 15% plus) beneath the skin deep layers It contains ascorbic acid LAA and grape seed extracts, Vitis vinifera, poliphenols and Resveratrol that work together as a powerful anti-oxidant combination.

  • Phase 2 Purifying Toner (4.2 fl. oz.) -This lotion contains tea tree components, grape seed extracts and LAA. Reducing the skin PH to a near acid level allows the LAA ( following step) to penetrate the deep layer’s of the skin. It aids in regulating sebum production, cleanses pores and signals tightening of the pores.

  • Phase 3 C 15 Serum (1 fl. oz.) - This patented formulation of pure L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) combined with the powerful anti-oxidant vitis vinifera (red wine grape extract), work together as a potent environment barrier, wound repair and UV damage reversal modulator.

  • Phase 7 Restructuring Cream (1 fl. oz.) - It re-establish the normal skin Ph. It contains melatonin 0,5, Resveratrol, Peptides, amino acids and Vitamins . Melatonin has been found to have anti –oxidant and anti –inflammatory effects and serves as a regulator of the immune cells function. This patented formulation acts as an overall modulator of all the products ingredients working in concert in the skin.

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