Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy Spray

Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy Spray

Neova Skin Care

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New Packaging! This miracle spray is designed for men and women with thinning hair, Tricomin Solution-Follicle Therapy Spray combines the benefits of clinically tested Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex with an exceptional leave-in conditioner formulation. Tricomin Solution enriches your hair and scalp with a unique blend of essential amino acidsa, minerals and body-building ingredients.

Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy Spray - 6 fl oz / 180 mL

5 STAR REVIEW! As a 46 year old woman I have started to experience thinning hair. I have tried a few hair thickening products but this is the only one I have found that actually made my hair look and feel thicker. It did not weigh my hair down. My hairdresser commented on how fast my hair is growing. I will be ordering the shampoo and conditioner today.

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