TALIKA Eyebrow Extender - Light Brown

TALIKA Eyebrow Extender - Light Brown


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TALIKA Eyebrow Extender

A revolutionary new product : a transparent gel filled with fibers.
The fibers act as new eyebrows and stay in place for a full day.
Your eyebrows look naturally thicker, your look is deeply intensified!

How to apply?

  • Rotate bottom part of extender until product reaches 1 to 2 mm over the tip/comb.
  • Apply Eyebrow Extender on cleansed eyebrows.
  • Easily removable with your eye make up remover.

    The Talika Plus :

  • 1 - spectacular natural effect
  • 2 - perfect alternative to liners, tattoos
  • 3 - quick and easy application

    .05 oz.

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